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Defining configuration as environment variables is one of the tenets of a twelve-factor app, it separates the config from your codebase and keeps it under your control.

dotenv-run is a collection of packages that use dotenv to support loading environment variables from .env files with multiple integrations.

Here are some of the benefits of using @dotenv-run:

  • Simple: seamelessly integrates with your existing workflow.
  • Flexible: supports multiple .env files and loading priorities.
  • Expand: supports expanding variables already available on your machine for use in your .env files.
  • Secure: supports filtering environment variables by prefix.
  • Monorepo ✨: supports monorepo projects with multiple applications. .env files can be defined in the root workspace and overriden by each application.
  • TypeScript: supports TypeScript projects with type definitions for process.env and import.meta.env.
  • ESM: supports process.env and import.meta.env in ESM modules.
  • Universal: supports multiple intergrations including CLI, Node.js preload, Webpack, Rollup, Vite, and esbuild.